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February 5-9, 2024
Intensive led by Jared Spool.

This online workshop will be unlike any other workshop you’ve experienced. We call it an intensive because, well, it’s intense. In five 90-minute sessions, you’ll join Jared Spool to build a comprehensive UX Metrics strategy that will change your organization forever.

Choose to sign up as an Individual or a Team Member

As a UX leader in your organization, you’ll get everything you need to start implementing your own UX Metrics Transformation Plan.

However, you’ll get much more out of the intensive if you come with your team.

As a team, you’ll develop your UX Metrics plan together. You’ll start drafting the blueprints for what change will look like across your organization. You’ll come away from the intensive with your own custom approach to UX Metrics that your entire team can use.

Each team member saves $100 on their registration when they sign up as a team member.

Each team member must purchase their registration separately.

Whichever you choose, team or individual, we’ll give you our full support. 

Currently out of work? We’ve got you.

We’re offering a limited number of $297 registrations for our out-of-work colleagues. 

We recognize there are UX Leaders dedicated to learning and growing but are unfortunately in between jobs right now. We get it. So if you’re an unemployed dedicated learners and makers of awesomeness, this special price is for you.  

(If you’re fortunate enough to be employed right now, please leave these spots for those who are not currently employed. Don’t be that person. Don’t take the seat of someone who really needs this price.)