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Strategic Approaches to UX Research

Prepare to Lead Program

Register for the Strategic Approaches to UX Research: Prepare to Lead Program

June 3-7, 2024 plus more PTL only session
Intensive led by Jared Spool.

This online workshop will be unlike any other workshop you’ve experienced. We call it an intensive because, well, it’s intense. In five 90-minute sessions, you’ll join Jared Spool to build a comprehensive Agile UX strategy that will change your organization forever.

Don’t wait. Put your Strategic Approaches to UX Research into play immediately. We have created our extended Prepare to Lead (PTL) program for those ready to make this happen.

When you sign up for this program, you’ll get exclusive priority time with Jared in extra sessions that dive into the nuances and subtleties of implementing strategic UX Research. You’ll get the tips, techniques, and tricks to ensure your success.

This extended program includes everything from the Fundamentals program. Plus, you get additional coaching sessions and support before the intensive begins and dedicated PTL-only sessions after it concludes. Jared meets with you to tailor the live content to your needs. You even get priority access to address your questions first, before others in the Fundamentals program.

This package is only available to the first 60 UX leaders and team members who sign up, so you don’t want to delay.

The Prepare to Lead Program includes everything in the Strategic Approaches to UX Research Fundamentals program plus PTL-only special sessions.

Choose to sign up as an Individual or a Team Member

As a UX leader in your organization, you’ll get everything you need to start implementing your own Strategic UX Research Plan.

However, you’ll get much more out of the intensive if you come with your team.

As a team, you’ll develop your Strategic UX Research plan together. You’ll start drafting the blueprints for what change will look like across your organization. You’ll come away from the intensive with your own custom approach to UX research that your entire team can use.

Each team member saves $100 on their registration when they sign up as a team member.

Each team member must purchase their registration separately.

Whichever you choose, team or individual, we’ll give you our full support.

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